February 15th 2018

This morning I wrote the opening paragraph to Don't Fly Away, the first Rosie Callum novel. Now the fun begins.

February 13th 2018

 At 8.30 this evening I type THE END at the bottom of Into the Fire. The sixth Jack Callum Mystery. Phew! That was quick to write. I really enjoyed that one.

Into the Fire is a story, set in 1960 against a background of  professional wrestling and Variety Theatre, featuring drug abuse and a series of grisly murders.

January 3rd 2018

Today I wrote the first chapter of Into the Fire. The sixth Jack Callum Mystery

December 23rd 2017

Just finished Sins of the Fathers

Sins of the Fathers is the fifth in the series of the Jack Callum Mysteries, and takes Jack, his family and colleagues to a very dark place. I'm about a third of the way through and storming along now.

The Jack Callum Mysteries

No Evil

Book 1: A girl’s body is found. Her eyes, ears, and mouth have been sewn shut. DCI Jack Callum leads the investigation into this gruesome crime which shatters the peace of a sleepy 1950s English town. Images of three monkeys are sent to the police to taunt them: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. To buy click on the image.

Prime Evil

Book 2: A tortured body is found hanging from a tree. DCI Jack Callum leads the investigation into this puzzling crime. The clues lead him tantalisingly close to the answer but without cracking the case. Why was the man killed? What were his links to London gangland bosses? To buy click on the image.

For Her Sins

Book 3: December 1959: Detective Jack Callum and the team are called to a local orphanage to investigate the murder of a young nun, Sister Bernadette. She has been stabbed repeatedly and her body violated. To buy click on the image.

The Jack Callum Omnibus

The first three novels collected into one volume. To buy click on the image.

Deadly Ambitions

Book 4: The latest, unpublished Jack Callum Mystery , Deadly Ambitions, finds Jack very much outside his comfort zone. It’s a new decade, 1960, and Jack is pulled away from his usual musical tastes of Mantovani and David Whitfield, and is instead drawn into the darkly labyrinthine world of British rock and roll. It is a time that is more Vince Taylor and the Playboys than Tchaikovsky, more Gene Vincent than Antonio Vivaldi. The landscape and soundscape is of coffee bars, jukeboxes and electric guitars. A Tin Pan Alley world of art and artifice where rock and roll is king and classical music is just square, man. Pop impresario and music industry mogul Harry Franks is brutally murdered and Jack and the team investigate. This investigation will test them and push them to new levels of endurance and fortitude. At the same time, Jack has to deal with a burgeoning crisis in his home life. 

Footnote: To find out more visit the Jack Callum website.

The Bahamas Thriller Series

Touching the Sun

Book 1: In an exciting and suspenseful, fast-paced action thriller, Touching The Sun follows twists and turns that build to a surprising climax. Harry Beck has a carefree, almost idyllic, life in the Bahamas. The owner of a small charter company, he enjoys a laid back lifestyle with few responsibilities, and fewer commitments.When deceit, danger and death intrude into paradise Harry has a choice – fight or flee. As relaxed as his personality might be, when cornered, he finds courage and a resourcefulness that surprises everyone, especially Harry. He finds almost no one he can trust as he’s swept up in a maelstrom of violence and intrigue on the idyllic islands. To buy click on the image.

Calling Down the Lightning

Book 2: Robert Kirkland is the current alias for a hitman, hired by the mysterious gangster Glassman, to kill an FBI agent, Billie Jean Martinez. Why? He follows her from Miami to the Bahamas. Billie is on unofficial leave, having been warned by sources close to her that her life is in danger. Her lover Stevie, lives on the islands and Billie figures she will be safe there. Billie hasn’t told her bosses she has left the US, and she has also kept her current investigations mostly secret. Why?Billie realises her life is in real danger. Not only that but she has brought terror to Stevie, and to Harry Beck, who runs a boat charter business with Stevie. Billie, Stevie and Harry are chased by several killers hired by the criminals. They are also followed by the rogue FBI mole who has leaked  information.They have to keep one step ahead of the killers.  They have to complete Billie’s case against the powerful Senator. They have to convince the FBI that there is a case worth pursuing. Most of all they have to stay alive. To buy click on the image.

Raging Against the Storm

Book 3: A hired assassin wants revenge. A corrupt businessman seeks payback. They both have Harry Beck in their sights. Harry is in a bad place. Mourning a friend, desperately trying to salvage his marriage and his boat charter business, the last thing he needs is trouble.The islands are rocked by a fierce tropical storm that makes communication and travel difficult. Harry has to sober up, and fast, because the storm is nothing compared to the killers on his trail. 

Coming Soon.

Footnote: To find out more about the Bahamas Series go to the Maynard Sims website