Future Projects

The Callum Chronicles

Writing the Jack Callum Mysteries has become a totally involving and immersive project. So much so that it has led to thoughts about novels, novellas and stories that might not fit under the "Mystery" umbrella. 

The Jack Callum Mysteries

  A series of crime novels set in the late 50’s and  early 60's.  

The Rosie Callum Books

A series of books charting Rosie’s life as she makes it as a pop singer. Starting in 1961 and taking her forward through Beatlemania, the Summer of Love, and then taking her onwards to the US to  rub shoulders with groups like the Doors and their contemporaries. Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll and her reconnection with Eric Callum, now a world-renowned guitarist and a rock icon. 

The first book is called Don't Fly Away and is underway.

Historical Jack Callum

Looking back at Jack's past. His early days in the police force and his life in the army during WW2.

Eddie Fuller Investigates

Eddie Fuller leaves the police force and becomes a private investigaor.

The Myra Banks Mysteries

Myra Banks rises in in the police force to the rank of Inspector, with her own team, solving crimes throughout the 1970's.